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'No Smoking'... (Terry Gas Mask).

An amazing artist that I follow on Instagram announced a competition to create your own take on his character named, 'Terry the gas mask creep' and I had a bit of free time between jobs and so was inspired to create a 3D mixed media portrait of him. In total it took me 22 hours of work. I was absolutely shocked and thrilled when he announced that I had won the contest along with nine other wonderful artists! It's the first time I've won anything in relation to my work and so it really means a lot to me. Just to have that little bit of recognition is everything. My work will now be published in his upcoming book which is so exciting! You can follow the artist that inspired this piece on Instagram under: @Terrance_Unchained and also on here! Just search for Terrance Whitlow. :)

Natalie marten terrygasmask nmarten18

The completed winning submission. (Environment details painted in Photoshop CC).

Natalie marten sketch

My first sketch to use a reference for creating the 3D model of Terry.

Natalie marten plain

These are the clay renders showing the normal maps before creating the materials in Substance Painter.

Natalie marten wireframes

This image shows the clay render with wire frames (Tris), over the top so you can see how I modelled the character in Maya. Currently I am using Maya 2012. The model is sectioned out into different groups, each with their own UV sets and lamberts assigned

Natalie marten uvs

Here is a screen shot from Substance Painter showing the creation of materials and some of the UVs. I make my UVs in both Maya and also 3D Coat.

Natalie marten lightingpasses

Here are my lighting passes created using several studio set ups in Iray.

Natalie marten lightingsetup

Here you can see some of the 'post process' effects I added, such as shadows and lens glare.

Natalie marten terrygasmaskturns nmarten18

This shows the final base lighting and post process effects /materials that I made.